Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Snowy Trip to NY NOW!

Being based in Maui, we sure see our fair share of beautiful sunsets and gorgeous weather year round.  

However, we recently traveled to New York City and got to experience the infamous Polar Vortex firsthand!
Just imagine if this was your car!
Despite a wintry mix of slush, snow, and rain, New Yorkers braved the snow with umbrellas galore!

A quick snapshot taken from somewhere dry - the taxi!
We even visited Central Park where these two New Yorkers made a snowman!

Definitely not in Maui anymore.
Now, onto the real reason we were on the east coast: NY NOW!

Our booth at NY NOW

One of our favorite highlights every year is reconnecting with friends from around the world.  You never know who will stop by the ACME Studio booth at NY NOW!  

ACME Studio designer Constantin Boym in the middle
Miyuki Toriyama, one of our fans from Osaka, Japan
Mexico meets Maui!  Here we are with two distributors, Javier and Michel.
Kiran from Goldspot
After the success of the show, we spent our last night seeing our great friend and ACME Studio designer Lenny White play at Smoke Jazz and Supper Club-Lounge!

We know what you're thinking - tell us about the new introductions!  We will be releasing more info soon on the very exciting 2014 collections.  For now, here's a little teaser:

Any guesses what this might be??
Thank you to all who came by NY NOW and we will see you in August!  

Thursday, January 16, 2014

10 Things We Wish for in 2014

Welcome to 2014!

Since resolutions may or may not stick, I thought I would send our wishes for 2014 "out to the universe."  Sometimes that works!  So here goes:

1.  Peace where there is none

2.  Less political bickering

3.  More time to plan; to think; to dream.  Just more time!

Moon over Maui - a great place to think!

4.  Good health

5.  More magic moments

Lesley with designers Karl Zahn, Harry Allen, and James Wines.

6.  Continued support from our great retailers

ACME Studio at REEL Mall in Shanghai
A holiday display at our store in Fukuoka, Japan
7.  More smiles and laughter

8.  Someone to fix “the duck”

We saw the giant duck in Hong Kong and loved it!  
Unfortunately the duck exploded while on show in Taiwan on New Year's Eve. 

9.  Happiest employees

10.  ACME-IFY the world!

Now…that’s not asking too much, is it?

Oh, and to see YOU at NY NOW, February 2-6, 2014 at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City, Booth #4016.

Come by and tell me your wish!  See you then.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Celebrating the Holidays - Hawaii Style

Between getting ACME products to our customers, getting ready for the holidays, and preparing for the year ahead (with new catalog and NY NOW looming), I wanted to take a moment to speak about the spirit of the holidays.

For us here in Hawaii, we need to really "get INTO the spirit" as the weather is balmy and sunny.  To that end, here's a sample of our wrapping technique for gifts.  Oh, for sure, merry and bright!

Another thing that helps us get into the spirit comes from "over there" with these great images from our store at Canal City, Fukuoka Japan.  They really get into it, and we love that!

Lastly, this holiday is about people.  For us, the people we work with are always an inspiration to us.  Take a look at our staff holiday tree and see how we celebrate Hawaii style!

Of course, we wish you and yours the best of holidays and a wonderful year ahead.  To our friends in the East, we will see you at NY NOW in New York City, February 2-6, 2014.  Thank you for all your support of ACME this year, and be sure to watch for our new website and all the great new products in 2014!  

We're "jingling" with excitement!

Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Radio Perfecto: Adrian's Vintage Collection

Patriot Radio - in the permanent collection
of the MET!

Why do people collect anything….who knows?

For Adrian, collecting is something he totally loves.  He calls himself “an incurable collector."

Addison Radio
He started collecting vintage radios in 1978, while walking down Melrose Avenue in LA.  In the corner of a shop window was this radio.  It wasn't even for sale - just a decoration.  Adrian remembers, “I walked in, made the owner of the shop an offer, and the rest is history."

The way Adrian looks at his collection is that the radios "find” him...and they "found" him in Australia, New Zealand, and all over the U.S.  Then of course, as with all collections, great friends and family began the hunt.

As you can see, it would be hard to choose a favorite.

Hopalong Cassidy Radio

Silvertone Radio
But I, Lesley, chose this one:

A radio with a speaker that can be placed
under a pillow while sleeping  - very rare!
While Adrian still collects classic mint condition vintage radios, he’s begun (as if he needed another job or hobby!) to make art radios.  His goal is to see them in a gallery setting.  When?  Keep watching!

What do you collect?  Tell us in the comments below.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New York – My Second Home

After travelling all over the world (Mexico, Japan, you name it), New York kinda felt like “home”.

NY Now (formerly NYIGF) is a show ACME Studio has been participating in for 28 years.  So – home it is!

ACME Studio's booth at NY Now.
Not just pens...eyeglass cases, compacts, and more.
The Beatles Collection!
Moreover, seeing our designers come to the booth is much like visits from old and dear friends.

Designer Harry Allen
Designer Karim Rashid
Designer Nancy Wolff
This show was the most active we’ve had in years!   Great people, great orders – creativity through writing is back!

Our most popular product was Kraze, by Karim Rashid.   The simplicity of design coupled with the variety of products was extremely well received.  We are excited – and so is Karim!

Then there’s the views.

Rockefeller Center
New York also excites the senses.   From the bakery...

One of our favorite bakeries in New York
to the fashion...

Windows, with a theme!
Tom Ford on Madison
...one can’t help but get the creative juices flowing.  I really look forward to being in NYC twice a year…and then returning home to another perfect Maui sunset.